Is It Time To Step Away From The Crowd?

A great workout, I believe, should leave you feeling energized – in your mind and body. It should challenge you, and have you looking forward to coming back for the next one.

How we approach our exercise choices is important - after all your fitness program has a direct impact on your daily living and more.

When choosing an exercise program or workout to participate in, the important considerations should be – goals, suitability and safety of the workouts specific to YOU.

However, choices are commonly made based on finding the least-expensive exercise program or joining a workout that appears fun to do.

This is because exercise, for many, is still not a lifestyle choice. It is often undertaken under pressure of a doctors’ advice, short-term goals of getting ready for a specific event, or even just wanting to join one’s friends for a currently trending workout. This approach is further encouraged with the common marketing pitch of discounted packages with unlimited group-exercise classes of ‘fun, varied, challenging workouts’.

We need to value our body and health in far more important terms than getting a good deal - in terms of money less-spent, or having a good time in a group class. Your workouts are not meant to entertain you or be based on the best bargain-price.

In a crowded room it’s easy to convince one’s self on how hard and how well you’re working out. But all exercises are not made equal and neither are all of us - in terms of our abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Stop and take a check – are you experiencing any gains? The gains could and should range from that high-energy buzz, to increased stamina and endurance, to a changed body-shape, to strength-gains, to an ability to move more effectively, and very importantly to staying injury-free.

However, if after all the time and effort you put in, the gains don’t add up - you’re feeling tired or you’re feeling more stress than strength in your body and feel injuries coming up – then it’s definitely time for a change. No matter how popular the workout that you are doing is supposed to be.

Your health and fitness impact your life – long-term. Making the correct choices – and investment – in your exercise program ensures a better quality of life for yourself.

With so much to experience and do in our lives, we want to make optimum use of our time and resources with smart choices. How do we overlook this same logic for our exercise efforts?

We want to enhance our lives with the many choices available to us in travel, fashion, food, and more. However, we hesitate to invest in a quality personalised fitness plan, overlooking a basic fact – better health, fitness and energy with minimal stresses or injuries in our bodies will enable us to experience and enjoy our lives in a far more satisfying and fulfilling manner.

Customized workouts specific to you – your goals, needs, and time – will ensure you get the most from your efforts. Personal training workouts have the advantage of ensuring you maximize your results, and time, with the right mix of exercise elements that you need – for strength, core, flexibility, and functionality.

A well-designed personal training program will ensure varied, challenging workouts while emphasizing strong, safe movements. If you've been working out as part of a crowd, in group-exercise programs or just following currently-trending workouts, it may be time to step away.

Workout with a difference – go personal - and discover challenges and goals that work best for you specifically.

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How to choose a fitness program to suit your goals

So, you’re all fired up with enthusiasm and energy to get started on a fitness programme, and suddenly realize you’re faced with a daunting situation – which workout should you do?

There are so many options available, all promising the best results, that you’re not sure whether to feel spoilt for choice or simply overwhelmed and confused.

What should you do – just follow your friends in what they’re doing?  Sign-up for the workouts with the best discount?  Go with the workout being endorsed by your favorite celebrity?  Follow the advice of someone who swears by the results of a particular workout?  

Or, stop and consider what your reasons for starting a fitness programme are – keeping in mind factors such as your lifestyle, current health, and fitness levels.  Is there a specific goal you want to achieve – do you want to run, cycle, play a sport or are you planning an activity-based holiday?  

Whether it is to re-build, or further strengthen your fitness levels, or train for a specific activity goal, the first important step should be for you to focus on getting the foundation and the basics strong. This is a simple truth that we often ignore – we take our ability to move for granted – but, it is important to ensure that our body knows how to move in a strong and efficient manner, putting minimal stress on our joints and body structure.

Whatever workout you choose, you need to consider – will this be able to address my specific strong and weak areas, or is it just a one-size-fits-all approach that I will have to keep up with?

And it doesn’t matter if your friends can do it or it’s the most popularly endorsed workout currently – that in itself does not ensure it is right for you.

Music and dance-based workouts are very popular.  We all know music can be a great motivator and dancing to vibrant music as a workout takes away the daunting aspect that many associate with exercise.

Keeping your workouts fun is one of the ways to ensure you stay on track with your fitness programme, but those very elements – the music and dance moves – can often take away from the real purpose of you being there: to get fitter and stronger. If you are starting out with a fitness programme, a better way forward would be to first get stronger and more body-aware before enrolling for group dance workouts that fuse dance and fitness moves. These workouts are not just about allowing your body to move to music but involve speed, control and choreography that can be challenging.

Trying to just keep up with the group is not only frustrating but also leads to potential injuries with little attention being given to how you are doing the moves.

There are many indoor and outdoor extreme fitness workouts being promoted as calorie-burning and high-intensity workouts that encourage you to train and push yourself to extreme points of fatigue and pain. Many of these workouts are based on training programmes of elite sportspersons and professionals.

These workouts assume a level of fitness that includes core-control, balance, stability, strength and body-awareness that most people do not have without specific training. And though these programmes are meant to have levels for different groups how the exercises are taught and supervised for good form and safety is often lost when working in a group. Also, fitness is one element of your lifestyle, if the workouts you do leave you fatigued, sore and depleted of energy, taking away from other aspects of your day, then it is obviously not the right choice for you.

Fitness programmes based on a specific activity or sport, such as running, cycling, racquet-sports, are gaining popularity – factors such as group energy, being outdoors, playing a sport, make them very appealing on a body-mind level. Since such activities involve repetitive movements that lead to muscular imbalances, postural concerns and injuries, it is important to include functional whole-body integrated workouts to balance your fitness programme. An added benefit of such workouts is better performance in your chosen sport or activity.

Remember, the best results you will get from your exercise efforts depends not on the popularity or cost of the workout you choose but the effectiveness and relevance of that specific programme for you.

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