Setting the Bar

From its start in the early 90’s, The Zone has always led the way in fitness by creating milestones of many firsts in India.

  • The Zone started as a group exercise studio that pioneered a program of varied fitness-based classes in exercise to dance to martial arts to yoga; all available in one space. 

  • In 2001 The Zone was the first fitness centre, in the country, to introduce customized training programs on the widest range of, international quality, strength and cardiovascular equipment.

  • Next we added an intelligent dimension to exercise and the workout experience with a computerized personal tracking system providing real-time feedback while exercising and off-line progress tracking.

  • The Zone introduced the first fully-equipped Pilates studio in India with fitness and rehab programs on specialized Pilates equipment.

  • Pilates Teacher Training Certification programs in India were pioneered by The Zone.

  • In 2013 we launched a Personalized Functional Training Program, based on The Zone Functional Training Principles of High Intensity and Core Challenge; incorporating functional fitness, core strengthening and Pilates.


Being in The Zone

  • The Zone is constantly evolving; a work in progress. 

  • As the knowledge and information available in this dynamic field changes, we too progress and grow. 

  • All our programs focus on an integrated holistic approach to combine functionality in strength, core, flexibility, and cardio training.


Our Focus

  • YOU. Stronger. Fitter. Healthier.

  • To draw from the ethos of healthy living; ‘Work Your Body, Work Your Mind’.

  • With Functional Training help you enjoy a better quality of life; by minimizing stress and injury to the body.