“Pilates is a wonderful exercise regimen for strengthening the core muscles. I discovered Pilates and the Zone Studio by chance in 2009, while trying to gather information about coping with back pain which was plaguing me. Since then I have been doing Pilates at The Zone Studio with Anjali Sareen. 

My Pilates sessions with Anjali have helped me immensely in managing my back problems.  The Zone Studio to me is Anjali Sareen and Sharat Sareen. They are those rare individuals - the dedicated professionals, who are passionate and totally involved with what they do.”   - Sunitha R, Advocate

Hello, this is Richi. Just saw my physiotherapist today and I am so so happy that my gap in the stomach has reduced. 

Can’t believe how 7 sessions have made such a huge difference. Thank you so much.

“I have never liked the gym.  When my friend Neelesh recommended Zone about 2 years back, I was skeptical. 

It was a welcome change from my earlier gym experiences. The staff is simple, courteous, knowledgeable and dedicated. 

I like them pushing me to turn up and work-out instead of just taking the money and hoping that you never turn up : )

My core is strengthened and it has helped my running.” – Manu


“I’ve been with Anjali and her team at the Zone Studio for over 4 years....Just started a year before I had my baby....and god knows it was the best decision ever!  

Pilates is completely injury free....So I was able to have a sustained workout rather than the injury breaks several gyms bring with them.

Of course, any form of exercise is only as good as the trainers....and getting standardised training is one of the best things about The Zone.”- Sharon

“To join or not join was a question that was plaguing my mind every time I walked past Zone Studio.  Well the answer came soon enough :) when I could not fit into my clothes.

It is now more than one and a half years.  I am not svelte, but I feel fit, trim and happy and that is what Zone has done for me :)

The instructors, Ramesh and Srinivasan, indulgently listen to my sob stories as to how my body is aching and how I missed my cup of tea... then they gently prod me along and also ensure I do my 100’s every time! They seem to have a knack for it. Thank you Zone.” – Madhu

Its been over 8 years at The Zone and not a single day I regret! If it’s to workout efficiently then this is the place to be at! - Beena G


The attention to detail by Anjali and her dedication to the practice of Pilates is something you will not find in many other studios. Her commitment to the Zone's reputation as a top notch Pilates studio shines throughout her teaching.  

My current success as an Instructor is due to Anjali's inspiration and commitment to what she does. I highly recommend anyone considering a career as a Pilates Instructor to join the Zone. In the end, you feel part of a family. – Meghan Wilmot

“I joined Zone Studio exactly a year ago. I was suffering from muscle pain, body aches and difficulty walking after an attack of viral arthritis. I had tried all kinds of treatment for body pain but had found very little relief.

My niece who had attended Pilates classes, suggested I give it a try. So, I found Zone Pilates online and met Anjali Sareen. Initially, I was very sceptical about this but she patiently, made me understand how Pilates can help strengthen core muscles which in turn will reduce the body pain.

Now my body pain has reduced tremendously and I feel rejuvenated. I look forward to my Pilates classes now. Anjali is very motivating, a chat with her increases my confidence every time.

My instructor Kiran is always encouraging and pushes me to achieve more. Thanks to him, my stamina has increased and I feel healthier.

I am so glad I joined Zone Studio. All I want to say is it is worth every penny you pay and more. Just give it a try and you will experience the magic!

I am immensely thankful to Anjali Sareen, Kiran and the entire team of Zone Studio.”- Shantala Rao 


My daughter has now developed such an understanding of herself and an awareness of how to use her muscles better that she is able to overcome her fear of competing in physical and sports activities with her peers.

I can only imagine what this kind of knowledge and awareness will do for children who actually enjoy physical activities and sports!!


“I have been through my share of gyms, personal trainers and the horror of waking up early in the morning and realising that you have 45 minutes of brainless, often painful and usually intense muscle workout ahead of you. The problem at least for me was that all these exercise regimens did not engage me mentally.  After a good amount of research I decided to try Pilates.

In Pilates – I seem to have found the perfect way to engage myself mentally to connect with my body, strengthen key muscles, increase the fluidity of the way I move and improve my overall physical well being.”

“I never miss a chance to workout at The Zone whenever I’m in the city!!”


“Anjali and Sharat believe in a hands-on approach and completely involve themselves; which is what sets apart The Zone Studio, in a class of its own.”


“Thanks for all the support Srikantha, and also for making my sessions fun and strict. Thank you so much.” -  Pamela.

The inability to do conventional exercise due to multiple slipped discs, combined with a hectic travel schedule used to severely strain my back.  That is until I discovered Pilates two years ago.  Today I live a far more active and pain-free life due to my regular Pilates sessions. - Bejoy George (Senior Vice President at a Tech Multinational)


“Pilates has made my daughter stronger and more focused in mind and body. I have noticed better self esteem that comes with improved posture and flexibility.
In her words, ‘a fun way to exercise and feel the pain!'
It certainly gives her an advantage while playing a sport as her stamina has increased. .
She always says it’s addictive; once you start it's hard to stop.
I am glad to hear her say she looks forward to going for her Pilates classes!!”