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“About 20 years ago, I met Anjali. She was a strong, attractive, fit and joyous woman of indeterminate age. That has not changed to this day.

Since that day, Anjali has kept my nose to the grindstone with my fitness. My nose looks terrible, but my 66-year-old muscles work wonderfully, whether I am on a mountain trek or up a ladder pulling down suitcases.

May the blessings of the Gods of Fitness be showered upon Zone and its inhabitants!" - Jyoti Thyagarajan

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“Young, hip, vibrant...that’s Zone Studio! And for me? My mood and energy pick-up zone : )

Anjali and Sharat have created a great place with trainers they have personally can trust the exercise routine would work for you....and it would be 100% injury free!

A big shout out to my personal trainer.....Augustin....ever smiling and patient while he helps me push myself to keeping fit!” - Protima A

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I have been running for the last 7+ years. I joined Zone 2 years back and have felt a lot fitter since then. 

I have improved my timings significantly and most importantly I have felt stronger after each run. Thanks to Zone. - Neelesh B

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“This is my second Prenatal Pilates Program at The Zone. I’ve had prior experience, during my first pregnancy, with the prenatal and postnatal program and have high confidence in Anjali and team.

I would do 2 sessions a week & those two days were an absolute no-miss! it made me feel calm, taken care of and strong in my pregnancy…. Especially with a three year old toddler to take care of back home.

Safety can be a concern for moms… that case, Pilates is safer than even walking or any other form of exercise…. Highly highly recommended. - Sharon P, mum of two

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When I joined The Zone a year and a half back, I was deeply unhappy with my body letting me down after a series of health issues...and having been an athlete during college days this was hugely depressing.

Today with Srikantha’s sometimes patient, sometimes chiding but always focused training I feel I’m fitter than I have been in decades.

Next on my bucket list.... that mountain to climb! - Sarita Sundar

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“I have been attending courses at Zone for the last few years now. Anjali puts in a lot of effort to make sure you understand the material and have lots to take back home.

There is a lot more practical training unlike other similar courses. Totally recommend attending one.” - Dhara Kapadia, MPT

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