The constantly growing fitness industry has tremendous potential for fitness instructors and trainers; leading to an increase in the number of fitness-based certifications being offered.

The Zone teacher training programs are distinctive in their approach to fitness education based on the method of training and course-content.

  • Since its beginning in the early 1990's to date, The Zone approach for better fitness and health has always been:

    - Effective, result-oriented programming specific to the person. This means not using a fixed routine for everyone.

    - Programming should be progressive based on every person’s levels and abilities.

This focus of customised, progressive workouts is taught in all our teacher training programs.

  • The Education Program has an integrative approach to help participants achieve their specific goals of

    - learning to teach fitness and movement programs,

    - administrative and marketing aspects of being professionals,

    - setting up their own studios.

  • Through our education we provide teaching, guidance and support as needed

    - for fitness professionals to further enhance their skill-sets,

    - to help fitness enthusiasts and career changers become successful teachers.


Teacher Training focus:

  • Learning in progressive levels; to enable

    - better understanding and successful teaching

    - adding to your skill-set with further modules and programs.

  • The knowledge and information in this field is vast and always evolving. We believe, teaching a large amount of information over a short period does not result in effective understanding and retention.

  • Our courses place a strong emphasis on learning to practically apply material learnt. The current trend to acquire multiple fitness-certifications compromises on time spent to understand effective usage of new material for clients.

  • Participants are taught to program specific to clients rather than teach with fixed workout charts. We believe a one-size-fits-all approach is not an effective, safe method of teaching.   


  • Pilates teacher training programs are a very popular offering in The Zone Education Program. The current Pilates Teacher Training programs have been designed by Anjali Sareen to

    - make the process and content more accessible and practical

    - enable teachers to be more effective and successful in helping clients reach their goals.

  • Anjali Sareen as the Master Teacher Trainer of Pilates education in India, introduced teacher certification programs of Stott Pilates, Canada.

  • The Zone Rehabilitation Education programs focus on integrating principles of Pilates and fitness movements to build a cohesive approach towards functionally strengthening the body. This is an important element focused upon in education programs for physiotherapists and movement specialists in this method.