The constantly growing fitness industry has tremendous potential for fitness instructors and trainers; leading to an increase in the number of fitness-based certifications being offered.


The Zone Teacher Training Programs are distinctive in their approach to fitness education, based on the method of training and course content.

The knowledge and information in this field is vast and always evolving.

The focus is on offering Teacher Training Programs in more accessible modules of time and material taught.

We believe, teaching a large amount of information over a short period does not result in effective understanding and retention.  

  • Progressive levels in learning

    - Programs are designed from foundation levels and progress to next levels. This enables better understanding and successful teaching rather than programs that offer combined levels.

    - Upgrade skill-set regularly with varied modules and programs to challenge, modify, and vary workouts.

  • Learning through Practice, Observation, and Teaching

    - Our education programs provide a complete mix of theory, practicals, observation and teaching practice to ensure effective understanding and learning.  

    - The current trend to acquire multiple fitness-certifications, in as short a time as possible, often compromises on time spent to understand new material learnt and how to use it effectively for clients.

  • Learning effective Programming

    - Participants are taught to program specific to clients rather than teach with fixed workout charts.  

    - Our courses place a strong emphasis on learning to practically apply material learnt.

    - We believe a one-size-fits-all approach is not an effective, safe method of teaching.   

  • Pilates Teacher Training programs are a very popular offering in The Zone Education Program.

    The current Pilates Teacher Training programs have been designed by Anjali Sareen to

    - make the learning process and content more accessible and practical

    - enable teachers to be more effective and successful in helping clients reach their goals.

  • Anjali Sareen as the original Master Teacher Trainer of Pilates education in India, introduced teacher certification programs of Stott Pilates, Canada.

  • The Zone Rehabilitation Education programs focus on integrating principles of Pilates and fitness movements.

    This helps to build a cohesive approach towards functionally strengthening the body. 

    This is an important element focused upon in education programs for physiotherapists and movement specialists in this method. 


The Zone Teacher Training Program ADVANTAGE:

  • All Education Programs are designed and conducted by Anjali Sareen.

  • For thirty years The Zone has been delivering effective, result-oriented programs for better fitness and health. All our Teacher Training Education is designed on the basis of this vast experience.  

  • The Teacher Training Programs are taught with a focus on customised, progressive workouts.

    The focus is on learning to program workouts based on every person’s levels and abilities and not teaching with fixed charts or using the same routines for everyone.

  • The Education Program has an integrative approach to help participants achieve their specific goals of

    - learning to teach fitness and movement programs,

    - administrative and marketing aspects of being professionals,

    - setting up their own studios.

  • Through our education we provide teaching, guidance and support as needed

    - for fitness professionals to further enhance their skill-sets,

    - to help fitness enthusiasts and career changers become successful teachers.

Teacher Training Courses conducted by Anjali Sareen at The Zone Fitness Studio