• 45 minutes workouts that are time-efficient, to schedule and complete. And also sustainable, as a long-term commitment.

  • Customized workouts suitable for all fitness levels and age groups.

  • Total Body Integration exercises that use various muscle groups and multi-direction movements to increase functional fitness.

  • Progressive levels of exercises. As you get stronger, exercises progress to the next level to keep your fitness levels challenged.

  • Varied workouts that will keep your mind-body focused and motivated. Your Personal Instructor will plan each workout using different combinations of exercises and equipment.

  • Injury-prevention with effective, safe teaching and personal attention.

  • Pilates principles of strong, efficient core-based movement are applied in all workouts to ensure maximum results with least stress.

  • Fixed, repetitive workout charts and routines are not followed. This method leads to lack of motivation, limited results, stress and injuries on the body.

Choose to workout for a lifetime. For your mind and body.
— Anjali Sareen


All client programs and instructor training at The Zone are based on Anjali Sareen’s knowledge, expertise and experience of 3 decades.

The Zone Team of Personal Instructors undergo comprehensive training and mentoring in all programs offered. Continuing education programs ensure they stay updated and effective in their teaching to maximise your results.   

Our Instructors are among the finest professionals worldwide, dedicated and committed to helping each individual they work with.



  • Improved quality in daily living and activity-specific movements

  • Increased metabolism with fat-burning intervals

  • Athletic conditioning for power, speed, agility, balance

  • Injury-prevention, strengthening post-injury

  • Core Strengthening

  • Total Body Strength and Conditioning