The program addresses concerns related to back, neck, hip, knee, shoulder, muscle pain, and more; that affect daily living due to lifestyle related habits.

Pilates is at the heart of The Zone Rehabilitation Program. When applied for rehabilitation -

  • Pilates movements are modified from the regular workouts to address specific needs, challenges and goals of the person.

  • Sessions are specific to the person and do not consist of a fixed routine of exercises to be applied for every back, shoulder, knee or any other concern as the case may be.

  • Goal of the program is to help regain functional movement capability by addressing

    • joint-stability,

    • muscular strength,

    • correct movement patterning,

    • stability, balance, control,

    • core-strengthening.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”  - Joseph Pilates

  • The program is based on working with Pilates machines and varied small equipment.

  • The Pilates machines are designed to assist or challenge the body's system as required. 

  •  The machines use spring-resistance that provide constant proprioceptive feedback which helps to

    • increases body-awareness during movements,

    • improves muscle engagement and movement patterns to build strength, stability and control.



  • Strengthen the body for daily living activities.

  • Help restore and achieve physical fitness.

  • Re-train the body for better movement patterns and correct muscular engagements.

  • Strengthen after injuries and/or surgeries of knee, hip, back, shoulder and more. 

  • Address concerns of Special Populations for

    • Osteoporosis,

    • Multiple Sclerosis,

    • Post-stroke,

    • Osteoarthritis,

    • Post-treatment cancer survivors,

    • Disc-related concerns,

    • Fibromyalgia.


“We are made to move; and Pilates helps to make movements efficient and strong.”  - The Zone Movement Principle

  • We believe the key to a successful rehabilitation program is to

    • strengthen and re-train the specific concern,

    • train the body to work as an integrated whole.