Co-founder of The Zone, Anjali Sareen, has been in the fitness and movement field since 1990.


Her knowledge and expertise come from studying and teaching varied fields and disciplines ranging from fitness, martial arts, pilates, rehabilitation, yoga, dance.

Anjali is uniquely equipped with a depth of knowledge and experience that comes from

  • Working with a wide spectrum of people in General Fitness, Athletics and Sports, Rehabilitation, Performing Arts, Martial Arts, Yoga, Special Needs, Teacher Training. 

  • Teaching across age groups from children, to youth, to adults, to seniors.

  • Applying a combination of varied disciplines and methodologies of fitness and movement to create customized programs that maximize results, emphasize safety and injury-prevention.

She believes learning is an ongoing process.

I’m always learning - with every client, every student that I see and teach. Everyday.
— Anjali Sareen


Anjali focuses on quality Education Programs in General to Specialised Fitness and Movement, Pilates, Pre-natal, Post-partum, and Rehabilitation.

Anjali Sareen is the original Master Trainer for Pilates Teacher Training in India. She introduced Stott Pilates (Canada) training programs across India.

Her Students

Anjali has students participating in her Teacher Training Programs from across India and overseas. They cover a wide spectrum, just like the clients she teaches.

  • Professionals from varied fields of movement and fitness

  • Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Professionals

  • Fitness enthusiasts opting for a career change

Passionate about teaching, Anjali takes great pride in seeing her students, across the country and overseas, grow into successful instructors; with many going on to open their own fitness studios!

Anjali Sareen Zone Fitness Studio

HER APPROACH: Mind-Body Fitness for Life

Anjali is firm in her belief that fitness programs and workouts need to be customised for every individual.

She finds an approach of following current popular workouts or exercising to extreme limits or beyond ones’ capabilities as being detrimental and short-sighted.

  • She emphasizes on the importance of moving most efficiently and effectively, with minimal stress to the body.

  • All her teaching and programs are based on the concept of Functional Fitness:

    Strength & Conditioning | Muscular Endurance & Fat-burning | Posture | Coordination | Balance | Agility 

  • Functional Fitness done with a mind-body focus results in strong, mindful, energised movements in

  • Daily Living (climbing stairs, playing with your children, driving, lifting etc),

  • Sport, Exercise, Outdoor Activities, and more.

Her areas of focus 

  • Pilates 

  • Sports and Athletic Training 

  • Rehabilitation 

  • Pre-natal and Post-partum   

  • Strength and Resistance Training 

  • Youth Fitness 

  • Special Populations 

  • Dance 

  • Yoga 

  • Martial Arts 

  • Group Exercise, and more.

Co-founder Sharat Sareen’s passion for fitness and sports led him to start The Zone with his wife, Anjali.

Sharat Sareen The Zone Pilates & Personal Training Fitness Studio


Sharat has unrivalled expertise in

  • Equipment - technical and commercial aspects

  • Training Methods

  • Latest Innovations in the fitness industry.


Sharat’s vast experience has him always at the helm - introducing training programs that have immediate relevance to current lifestyles, goals and needs of individuals.


His expertise with respect to equipment and training methods is sought after by industry professionals country-wide. Sharat has consulted and guided Fitness Studios, Gyms, Corporates, and Private Individuals for specialized and specific fitness and training requirements.



His ability to nurture, guide and motivate has helped many in successfully realising their goals.

  • Guiding career paths to helping set up and establish their own studios for fitness professionals, career-changers, physotherapists.

  • Motivating and guiding individuals to adopt a healthy, fit lifestyle.

  • Sportspersons and Athletes


Sharat believes that fitness for each individual should be based on specificity and functionality, keeping in mind goals, needs and concerns of every individual.

He finds the generalized ‘one-size-fits-all’ training approach to be ineffective and harmful to a persons’ long-term health and fitness.

Sharat has a firm belief in the applicability and adaptability of Pilates as a mind-body conditioning method - for functional daily living, improved performance in sports and athletics, rehabilitation and injury-prevention.

Whatever you do, Pilates can make you do it better.
— Sharat Sareen

The Zone Instructors

Zone Fitness Studio Koramangala

Our Instructors are a highly dedicated, motivated, and enthusiastic team.   

  • All Zone Instructors undergo a Comprehensive Training and Mentorship Program for up to a year before taking over their roles as Zone Instructors.

  • The learning for this enthusiastic team never stops as they continue to evolve and gain further knowledge with on-going Continuing Education Programs.

  • Assisting in the varied Teacher Training Education Programs at The Zone further enhances their teaching skills.

With their infectious smiles and motivating manner they can be found teaching or else engaging in their own practice around the studio. They have a keen interest in understanding and thus being able to better apply their knowledge practically.

Outside of the studio their favourites are playing sports ranging from volleyball to cricket to football to swimming, and music and dance. Well, the music and dance they enjoy within the studio too!



Zone Pilates Studio Koramangala
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