The Zone headed by Anjali and Sharat Sareen, introduced India’s first fully-equipped Pilates studio.

Pilates Programs: Fitness, Rehabilitation, Sports Performance, Prenatal and Postpartum, and more.

Equipment used: Pilates Machines - Reformers | Cadillac/Trapeze | Stability Chair | Tower | Ladder Barrel.

Small Equipment: Jump-boards | Fitness Circles | Foam Rollers | Rotational Disks | Stability Cushions | Mat and more.


  • Contemporary thinking incorporating modern exercise principles

  • Functional fitness with progressively challenging workouts

  • Customised sessions based on individual goals, current fitness levels, and any lifestyle concerns.

The effectiveness and popularity of the program is a result of the quality of teaching and programming applied to each persons’ workout at The Zone.
— Anjali Sareen


Anjali Sareen is India’s original Master Trainer for Pilates Teacher Training Education.

Our dedicated team of Instructors are among the finest professionals worldwide. All Zone Instructors undergo a comprehensive training and mentorship program. Continuing education programs ensure they stay updated in their knowledge. This ensures they are always equipped to create custom programs for clients, even as goals and lifestyle concerns change.



The Zone clients span a wide-age group and cross-section of people - children, teenagers, young adults, to seniors and everyone in between.


Fitness | Sports | Rehabilitation (injury recovery and prevention) | Professional Athletic and Sports Performance | Functional Training and Body-Awareness | Special Needs



  • Pilates improves cardiovascular efficiency, endurance, joint-stability, control, balance and body-awareness. These benefits make it a popular program for those in martial arts, yoga, dance, sports, and outdoor activities.

  • As a mind-body conditioning method, Pilates results in higher levels of energy, concentration and focus. This leads to efficiency at work, in studies, and helps in decreasing stress-levels.

  • Pilates is used world-wide for rehabilitation and special population concerns related to the back, shoulder, knee, and more.

  • Prenatal and Postpartum women benefit tremendously with Pilates exercises.

  • Pilates can be adapted to train and strengthen for daily living to varied activities, such as golf, cricket, swimming, running, tennis, horse-riding, basketball, cycling, dance etc.


  • A mind-body conditioning method, Pilates was developed more than 100 years ago by German-born, Joseph Pilates. He developed an entire range of equipment based on spring-resistance to correct postural and muscular imbalances, and improve quality of life through better fitness and health.

  • Pilates is often, incorrectly, perceived as a workout meant for women. However, one simply has to look at its creator, Joseph Pilates, who used it to build and maintain a body, into his 80s, that defined fitness, strength and vitality. Pilates is a system of movement and fitness meant equally - for men and women.