The Zone Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Program

  • Staying active during pregnancy is important for the physical and emotional well-being of a woman and the Pilates sessions in this program help do just that.

  • Sessions are programmed for specific goals and safety concerns for the woman during her pregnancy or post-partum.  

  • Equipment used for sessions include a reformer, tower, chair, various small equipment, and body-weight exercises.

  • Working on the Pilates machines leads to better body-awareness that helps to increase functional fitness. 

  • The demands of daily living activities change in emphasis on a woman's body during pregnancy and after. This program helps to build a strong foundation.

I decided to start prenatal Pilates from 4th month of my pregnancy.
With a history of knee injury and subsequent surgery, I was sure I wanted to continue exercising.
I have seen a tremendous improvement in my strength, it has helped me maintain my energy levels throughout my pregnancy while also working on my balance and flexibility. It definitely has a positive impact on the mood and overall well-being too while one’s body is going through a drastic transformation and gearing for the delivery.
— Pallavi T


Focus and benefits of the program:

  •  The workouts are low-impact with an emphasis on breathing.

  •  Pilates workouts result in a tremendous feel-good factor that leaves one feeling energized. 

  •  Focus is on strengthening stabilizing muscles of the body to work with better joint-control.

  •  Deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are strengthened.

  •  Focus is also on strengthening the hips and upper body for increased demands made on the body during pregnancy and post-partum.

  •  During pregnancy the body goes through many changes that affect posture and lead to muscular imbalances. Pilates focuses on posture alignment and balanced muscular emphasis.

  •  Pilates sessions help to improve stability, balance and coordination for the body through the varied changes and demands experienced during pregnancy.