For many Karate is a mere sport; but most importantly it is a martial art and means of developing and maintaining good health.

To this end, one should always be aware of the philosophical and health-related aspects of Karate.

 A Karate-ka strives to make his physical techniques pure expressions of his mind's intention, and also strives to improve his mind's focus by understanding the essence of the physical techniques.

Karate-Do is a way of life.

Sensei Subramanyan is the chief instructor of Shotokan Karate International India.

His rigorous training schedule, stringent admission and grading criteria have his students constantly striving to better themselves.


Tai Chi

 Tai-Chi Chuan is an eminent Chinese art, which originated around 500 A.D.

It is a physical and mental discipline, similar in some respect to Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga and other eastern esoteric systems, which activate the internal energy.

This activation of internal energy is known as 'Chi' in Chinese and 'Prana' in Sanskrit.

Tai-Chi is a series of never ending integrated movements practiced in a slow rhythm with a relaxed and concentrated mind, and no muscular tension.

Though slow and never done in a hurry, it is rich and magical. Tai-Chi Chuan is ideal for people of any age to practice.

Classes are conducted by Master K V Subramanyan, who has been practicing this Chinese Internal Martial Art for over thirty years.