Train smarter. Focused effort, on efficient movement, leads to better results.” - The Zone Movement Principle.

  • Anjali designed this program keeping in mind the increasing rise in workout and exercise related injuries and stresses to the body - being caused by incorrectly done workouts and fitness programs.

  • Anjali's experience and learning, over the decades, in working with varied age-groups, fitness levels, special populations and in rehabilitation has helped her create a personal training program that -

    - has effective, challenging, and varied workouts

    - keeps you motivated and energised with safe, result-oriented workouts.


The Zone H.I.C.C. Personal Training Program features -

  • 45 minutes workouts

    - making them time-efficient and

    - sustainable, through each session and as a long-term commitment.

  • Customized workouts

    - with varying levels of intensity and exercise combinations

    - that are not programmed as a fixed series of exercises for everyone.

  • Progressive levels of exercises keep each person's fitness levels challenged - as the body gets stronger, exercises progress to the next level.

  • Varied workouts to keep the mind and body focused and motivated. Every workout has different combinations of exercises and equipment using Pilates machines, Trx, Battle-ropes, Med-balls, Free-weights, Stability equipment and more.

  • Injury-prevention with effective, safe teaching and personal attention is the focus of the program.

  • Pilates principles of strong, efficient core-based movement are applied for all programming.


Focus is on:

- Functional movements

- Strength and Conditioning

- Pilates movement principles

- Core engagement and strengthening

- Fat-burning intervals

- Athletic conditioning for power, speed, agility, balance

- Injury-prevention

  • Each workout has varied compound and multi-plane functional exercises, focusing on

    - working various muscles at the same time and in different directions

    - building strength, mobility, agility, stability, endurance, and power.

  • Total-body movements build functional fitness that can then be used in real-life activities and sports.

  • These workouts are effective at targeting calorie-burning intervals while providing a total-body workout.

  • By using movements that integrate the body as a whole unit focus is on decreasing risk of injury during sports and daily living.