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Foam Roller: Total Body Integration with Pilates and Functional Stabilisation

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  • Workshop conducted by Anjali Sareen, Master Trainer.

  • Learn Pilates-based core strengthening exercises using the Foam Roller.

  • The Foam Roller adds a challenge of stability and balance for deeper core-activation.

  • Apply Pilates principles of alignment, stabilisation and control for injury-prevention and more effective Foam Roller workouts.

  • Learn to use the Foam Roller as a force-reactor to create functional stabilisation. Understanding how the Muscle Sling System works as an integrated system to create a balance between stability and control from local deep muscles and movement using global muscles.

  • Learn multi-plane, multi-directional movements to train for power, agility, balance, and control.

  • Use the Foam Roller to build workouts that combine core activation and muscular strengthening.

  • Learn exercises that can be programmed for varied fitness-levels and goals - for Pilates sessions to Strength & Conditioning, to Athletic and Sports-Performance Personal and Group Training sessions.

  • Participants will learn with a combination of demonstrations, physical execution of exercises and teaching practice.

  • Participants will receive a Manual covering material taught and a Completion Certificate.  

Duration: 5 hours

Cost: Rs 7000 + 18% GST