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Tower and Reformer - Level 1


  • Course conducted by Anjali Sareen, Master Trainer.

  • Learn 95 exercises plus modifications using the vertical frame of the Tower and Reformer.

  • Use spring-based resistance to challenge and support while providing proprioceptive feedback to the body.

  • Learn multi-plane exercises, using varied range of motion, in different positions to challenge base of support.  

  • Exercises focusing on strengthening deep, local muscles and global muscles.

  • Functional total body movements to challenge balance and stability; focusing on all the major joints of the body (such as shoulder, hip, knee).

  • Participants will learn with a combination of demonstrations, physical execution of exercises and teaching practice.

  • Programming challenging and motivating workouts for varied fitness levels.  

  • Exercises to build strength and re-shape the body.

  • Participants will receive a Manual covering material taught and a Completion Certificate.  

Duration: 12 hours Cost: Rs 18000 + 18% GST

Daily Timings: Fri, Apr 26th- 10am to 5pm Sat, Apr 27th- 9am to 4pm

Earlier Event: April 12
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